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When your reputation is on the line and you have just one chance to get your event right, finding an audio visual partner who understands your needs and has the creativity and expertise to deliver outstanding results is paramount. 

  • AV Equipment Rental

  • Event Management Services

  • Video Streaming & Conferencing

  • Video Resumes & Testimonials

  • Aerial Videography

Rent AV Equipment

Speak with an Expert about your Audio Visual Requirements


Today's meeting and conference industry has become saturated with multiple levels of surcharge and commission based arrangements that are all passed down to the end user. Unfortunately this has fostered an environment of overpriced rates on equipment rentals and labor.

  • When working with Select Multimedia, you can trust that you are dealing directly with the production source and that your budget for audio visual-support and entertainment will be spent much more effectively.


  • Our equipment inventory can support events both large and small from break out sessions to general sessions and beyond.

  • We stock a wide array of audio-visual equipment such as; projectors, screens, microphone and audio systems, video cameras and switching systems, stage lighting systems, and much more.

Live Event Production Services, Video Switching

Live Event Production Services

We provide professional support for live events, conferences, trade shows, and private social events. We provide audio, video, lighting, scenic, staging equipment along with content management and production services. Our expertise combined with an extensive inventory of audio visual equipment gives us the unique ability to serve our clients in the most cost efficient manner with successful results.

Brainstorming Event Management Services Plan with Client

Live Event Management Services

During the pre-production phase, we will work with you to plan the requirements for your event or project. This will involve specifying the audio visual equipment required, along with creating set  and staging design supported by CAD drawings and, developing this plan to meet your targeted budget. 

Event using live video streaming and video conferencing

Live Event Streaming / Conferencing

We believe viewers of live event streams are the most valuable content consumers on the internet. More than a simple video feed, live stream platforms allow viewers to actively participate, often engaging for hours in chat windows.  The combination of compelling content, beautifully executed production, and an engaged audience creates a robust platform for your company.

View of Aerial Videography with use of a Drone

Aerial Videography

Aerial video is a great way for your overall video project to stand out from your competition by making an attention-grabbing first impression for your product or brand. 

Recording of a "Vesume" Video Resume

Video Resume

Video resumes are an enhancement, not a replacement, to the traditional resume. As such, they offer the chance to expand and show the current skills you have to offer, not just to recite what’s already on your resume. Your video resume can give you a much better chance to get noticed by employers, as paper resumes are only looked by recruiters for up to six seconds before a decision is made.

Video shoot in progress for documentary or testimonial

Documentaries / Testimonials

A company testimonial (or company story) video tells the story of your company, mission, and values. They can be a great tool for connecting with customers, sharing your passion, and humanizing your brand. Company story videos often feature team members talking testimonial-style about what they do and why they do it. Although it is commonly known that, "a picture tells a thousand words", video can multiply that impact tenfold.

frame grab of wedding video footage

Wedding / Events

As you know, weddings and receptions are a one-shot kind of thing. Every little detail matters, and every mistake is magnified. And that’s why we pride ourselves in taking away ALL the pressure for the audio visual services on the big day. So you can just feel great and have an amazing time.

Wedding DJ Services >>

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