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From pre production planning to execution, we provide a one-stop solution to your video production needs. 

  • Video Pre-Production / Planning

  • Shoot Day

  • Video Post-Production Editing


Speak with an expert about your Video Production Requirements


Many times when there is need for video production, it can often be considered time consuming, overwhelming, and very expensive. However, with Select Multimedia, you will enjoy a one-stop solution for all your video production needs.

  • At Select Multimedia, we understand the importance of producing and managing a project that is both on time, and on budget without compromising the quality of the end result.

  • We are able to achieve these goals by using smaller yet more effective production crews. We will meet with you in advance to gather information and discuss your goals to implement a production plan that is both easy to understand and cost efficient.

  • We shoot in all standard and hi-definition formats and can easily handle the entire process from development and production, to post production editing to final delivery.

Our studio production capabilities include both small and large sound stages and are equipped with full lighting, grip, and camera packages available to suit all formats.


Our post-production capabilities include Final Cut Pro HD®, AVID®, and Adobe® system platforms for editing, graphics, compositing, and animation.

Reviewing details of video production plan with client

Video Pre Production

At Select Multimedia, we provide support for your project from the very beginning. During the pre-production phase of your project, our creative team will continuously offer assistance in developing innovative ideas to prepare your project for the production phase. Through visual planning, scripting, location scouting, graphics, and music, we will outline your project before the production phase.

Video Production on Set

Video Production 

During the production phase, we will bring your project to life with our professional cameras, equipment, audio, and lighting. 

Video Editing Services Post Production

Video Post Production

After the filming process, you will see your project come together within post-production. Our team strives to bring your project to life through video editing, animation, motion graphics, and music and sound effects.

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