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Add value and credibility to your case with the most effective way to support witness testimonies.

  • Legal Video Depositions

  • Settlement Documentaries

  • Day in the Life Videos

  • Life After Loss Videos

legal VIDEO services

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Legal Video Deposition

Video displays important non-verbal components of the deponent such as tone of voice, body language, and pauses in testimony. And video testimony can be a valuable tool in the courtroom to present testimony of non-appearing witnesses or to use to impeach the credibility of an adverse witness.

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Settlement video being taken

Settlement Documentary

Our settlement documentaries help you settle cases faster for maximum damages. Our expert storytellers communicate the strength of your case to defense counsel and insurance adjustors through a compelling documentary.

Day in the Life video being taken

Day-in-the-Life Video

Our Day-in-the-Life videos honestly show the suffering that your client now endures due to the defendant’s negligence, product liability or malpractice. Our videos capture your client’s struggles to cope with his or her basic, daily needs while living with the trauma of personal injury. As with all of our videos, our goal is to honestly show the strength of your case.

Life after loss professional video

Life After Loss Video

Our "Life After Loss" videos show how a loved one is dealing with personal injury or death or the injury or death of a loved one.

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